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Styles of Hearing Aid

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Digital Hearing Aid available in a wide range of styles

BTE (Behind The Ear)

(BTE) Hearing Aids available in Power and superpower model covering upto severe and profound hearing loss.

(RIC) Receiver in Canal

RIC / RITE are small in size covering upto severe Hearing loss .

(IIC) Invisible in Canal

Invisible or IIC hearing aid for moderatly severe hearing loss they are invisible and custom made.


Patient has dead/ 90-95% hearing loss in one ear and minimal/ normal/ upto severe hearing loss in other ear is recommended to use Cros Hearing Aid. This type of Hearing aid is majorly recommended for single sided Deafness.

(ITC) In the Canal

In-The-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid in the canal are slightly smaller and have option of volume control and are suitable for mild to moderatly severe Hearing Loss.

(CIC) Completely in Canal

Completely in canal hearing aid fit inside the ear and are very Less visible. CIC is suitable for mild to moderatly severe Hearing Loss.